We can help you diagnose, measure, and fix noise or vibration problems. Sound travels both through the air and through the structure of buildings in ways that are often counter-intuitive and surprising. Most of our clients have already tried several fixes but have been unsuccessful.

Some Examples of Confusing Noise Problems

You only hear the boiler when your head is on the pillow in bed, but not when you are listening in the basement right next to the boiler

Prevent your downstairs neighbors from being annoyed by your children running around the house and you already tried carpet

The subwoofer in the neighbor’s house sounds louder inside my house than it does outside closer to my neighbor

The traffic noise outside your window wakes you up

The Psychology of Annoying Noise

Unwanted noise can drive you crazy.  If you have ever tried to sleep through a neighbor’s music, loud friends or early A.M. leaf blower, you know exactly how crazy noise can make you. To add insult to injury, not everyone experiences noise in the same way.  Some people have to have white noise to cover up the sound of a spouse snoring, while another person is kept awake by the same white noise. Perhaps someone else can’t even hear the sound that is driving you insane.  A sound may be inaudible to one person, but causes homicidal ideation in another.

I am working on a list of annoying suggestions that someone might make to help with the problem:

Have you tried wearing ear plugs?

That sound isn’t so annoying! Why do you think that it bothers you so much?

Why haven’t you just gotten used to it?

Why don’t you just tune the radio to static to drown out the sound?

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