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Do-It-Yourself Acoustic Treatments and Evaluation

Most people think about making burlap-covered fiberglass panels when they think about DIY Acoustics, but making effective treatments is only part of the process. The important first step is figuring out what to build and where to put the treatments you’ve made. XIX Acoustics began from doing DIY Acoustic treatments in our home studio.  Hendrik has been heavily influenced by the awesome works of Real Traps’ Ethan Winer and especially the Bass Trap Article: Build a Better Bass Trap.

This area of the site is going to be expanding soon, so please check back to find out the latest information. If you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like to know more about please post the question in the comments section below!

Here’s a list of suggested topics:

Absorbers and Bass Traps. What’s the Difference?
What are Diffusers for and why do I want them?
Why do most people put absorbers and traps in the corners of a room?
Is there an inexpensive way to do acoustic testing?

We recommend using the Room EQ Wizard software available through Home Theater Shack for testing your room. It is awesome and almost everyone with either a Windows or Linux box can use it!

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