Black Acoustic Ramp
Here is a preview of the new Black Acoustic Ramp with Pre-Finished Rock Maple wood reflectors

The Acoustic Ramp™ is a new kind of quadratic residue diffuser (QRD) diffuser that is used to improve the acoustic quality of rooms used for critical listening, sound reproduction, and performance.  The Ramp is particularly effective in smaller rooms and rooms that are retrofitted living spaces.

Download The Acoustic Ramp Assembly Manual V1.5 for the latest assembly and installation instructions. The installation manual is also the best source for understanding what the Ramp’s unique structure actually is.

Advantages over traditional diffusers:

  • De-Parallels The Walls
  • Scatters Energy In 2 Dimensions (data)
  • Wider Bandwidth from 300 Hz-20 kHz
  • Installs In Upper Corners & Saves Floor Space
  • Ships & Stores Disassembled (unless you want it assembled)
  • Prevents Comb Filtering & Flutter Echoes
  • Standard version consists of Furniture Grade Maple Plywood & Black Powder-Coated Aluminum
  • Custom made to your specifications! Please call at 781-710-4521 or write to hendrikxix <at> thiswebsite for details!

How Does the Acoustic Ramp Handle Scientific Testing?

Why Does the Acoustic Ramp Work Better Than Other Diffusers?

Control Room at Echo Boston
The rear wall of the control room at Echo Boston is an array of six Acoustic Ramps