XIX Acoustics was founded by Hendrik David Gideonse XIX to manufacture and market the Acoustic Ramp diffuser and provide acoustic consultation to people who are interested in converting rooms in their home into studios, control rooms and critical listening spaces. Since the company’s founding, Hendrik has also consulted on commercial recording studios, performance spaces, educational facilities, and large scale sports arenas and stadiums.

Some of the services that XIX Acoustics provides are:

  • Design and Fabrication of Custom Acoustic Treatments like Absorbers, Diffusers and Reflectors
  • Custom Acoustic Isolation of Living, Performance and Production Spaces like Drum Booths, Vocal Booths, Editing Suites, Bedrooms
  • Design and Manufacture of Custom Furniture for Audio, Video and IT Industries
  • System Integration and Design of Audio, Visual and Network projects
  • Installation of Audio Systems and Equipment in Commercial and Residential facilities


XIX Acoustics is the parent of Indecent Music, a project studio and recording service.