We converted from a noisy oil-fired furnace to a gas boiler this summer.  When the heating season started, we were unpleasantly surprised to be woken from a sound sleep the first time the new boiler fired up. We called our plumber, and the boiler manufacturer, who both told us the boiler was just fine. Fortunately, we found Hendrik Gideonse and XIX Acoustics. Hendrik had a diagnosis on his first visit, and he quickly put together a plan of action – involving both plumbing changes and acoustic isolation. He coordinated all of the work, and personally installed isolating feet underneath the boiler which stopped any vibrations causing unwanted noise. Thanks to Hendrik, we now have a silent boiler, and most importantly, we’re sleeping through the night! -Joanna Revelas, Cambridge, MA.

Isolation Spring
Custom manufactured isolation spring and plate prevents vibrations from the boiler’s burners from entering the structure of the condominium.


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