Big 12 Bass Trap for $250

April 30, 2014By HendrikAcoustic Treatment, Products No Comments

For years we have been building custom absorber treatments like bass traps and wall panels for the studios we design and install. Now we are starting to sell these absorbers to the public. The Big 12 Bass Trap is the deepest fiber-based trap out there. At 24″ wide, 48″ tall and a whopping 12″ deep, the Big 12 Bass Trap … Read More

UU Medford’s Acoustics Problem

April 25, 2014By HendrikAcoustic Testing, Acoustic Treatment No Comments

“People had significant trouble hearing speakers in our church sanctuary, while carrying on a conversation in our social hall was nearly impossible. Hendrik Gideonse was able to improve both significantly. Now instead of complaints, all I hear is, “It’s so much better!” Poor sound can exclude people, and we are grateful now to be much more inclusive.” — Rev. Susan Milnor, Interim Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford, MA