Tape Op #92 Cover Image Tape Op’s own Gear Geek, Andy Hong, has written an extremely positive review about his experiences with the Acoustic Ramps in his control room. Here are some of the choicest quotes from the review:

To put it succinctly, I was blown away by how much improvement I heard.


I heard immediate improvement in stereo imaging…and the sweet spot widened significantly, allowing me to lean over farther to reach for various processors without the soundstage collapsing


In this configuration, the room opened up dramatically, and I suddenly felt like the accuracy of my room and monitoring system went up several notches. I was quite surprised at the amount of “mud” that had been clouding what I was hearing from the speakers, despite my earlier confidence that there was little more I could do to improve the acoustics of my room without going overboard on absorption. I was also impressed – and puzzled – by the beneficial effects on the low end. In theory, a small, rigid diffuser should have little to no consequence on bass frequencies, but I could hear the lows more clearly, with lesser deviations in response as I moved my head around, searching for the nodal cancellations that exist in greater degree without the Acoustic Ramps.


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