The Acoustic Treatment survey (take survey) hasn’t even closed yet and it’s already very clear in what direction XIX Acoustics needs to head. The survey asks professional audio engineers what kinds of acoustic problems they have in their main listening rooms and what kinds of solutions they are currently using.

Most of the respondents listen primarily in a dedicated home-based critical listening environment. Most have never scientifically tested the acoustics in their space. Most feel that they have acoustic problems.  The three most common perceived problems are:

  1. Room shape and size
  2. Bass accumulation or lack of bass trapping
  3. Interfering outside or ambient noise

Half of the engineers that responded use no acoustic treatment whatsoever. About 30% are using DIY absorbers or bass traps. When asked why they haven’t addressed the acoustic problems with acoustic treatments the biggest reason is that


So what XIX Acoustics needs to do is create an extremely inexpensive way to:

  1. Fix weird room shapes
  2. Reduce accumulation of bass frequencies to smooth out bass response
  3. Reduce ambient noise

This shouldn’t be too hard to do with the right research. We need early adopters that are willing to be guinea pigs for the cause. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping out.


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