Black Acoustic Ramp
Here is a preview of the new Black Acoustic Ramp with Pre-Finished Rock Maple wood reflectors

The Acoustic Ramp™ (Patent US20120018247) is a unique diffusion-type of acoustic treatment that both scatters and reflects acoustic energy. The wedge shape of the Ramp allows the installer to direct reflections away from both the sound source and the listener drastically reducing comb filtering while creating a sense of acoustic open space.

Chinese-made Bamboo Prototype
Chinese-made Bamboo Prototype

Diffusion is one of the most misunderstood tools for controlling acoustics in rooms. Diffusion diminishes flutter echo and hard reflections that create confusion in both the time and frequency domains. Many acousticians consider diffusion to be the icing on a cake made from wide bandwidth absorption. Many listeners strongly prefer experiencing music in a environment where at least the back wall is diffusive.

The Acoustic Ramp is based on the work of physicist, Manfred R. Schroeder, who invented Q.R.D’s or Quadratic Residue Diffusers. Our improvement over Schroeder’s design is that the diffuser is wedge-shaped and the well depths increase along the length of the ramp. This greatly widens the bandwidth of the affected frequencies. Also the backs of the wells are angled which reflects and redirects energy away from the direction from which it came.

Currently, the Acoustic Ramp is available in the following size:

2×4: 24″W x 48″H x 12″D (>282.5 Hz)
Currently all orders are custom-made to your order. We recommend that 2 or more diffusers are used together as an array on the rear wall of critical listening spaces or control rooms.

Please call (781) 710-4521 to discuss your acoustic treatment needs and to place an order.


Horizontal Array of Acoustic Ramps
Horizontal Array of Acoustic Ramps Reflects Diffused Energy to the Side Walls

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